I am Stefan Kresoja

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I am Stefan Kresoja
Full-stack web developer

Welcome, thanks for visiting! I am a full-stack web developer based in Novi Sad, Serbia. After 5 years of industry experience, in 2018, I became a full-time freelancer and one year later I started a web & mobile development agency - Protals.

Across the years I gathered valuable experience by working in multiple technology stacks. Not only developing but testing, deploying, managing and maintaining applications. I can provide valuable insights across consultations and help you decide what is best for your project. Today I specialize in Javascript-based frameworks and Laravel framework. Currently, I am enthusiastic about the Go programming language and large scale applications.

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My Skills

React.js (Redux)
Laravel framework
Project management
Node.js (Express.js)
Amazon Web Services
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What I Do

Software architecture

High-quality architecture is a key factor in the whole process of software development. A clear path focused on best practices is the deciding factor of the product's success in the end.

Full-stack web applications

As a full-stack developer, I cover both front and back-end with a broad knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of multiple technology stacks. My choice is always the one that benefits you the most.

API development

If you want to build a closed API to support your front-end or mobile app, or if you want to extend your existing product with a public API for developers or clients, I've got you covered.

Software maintainance

In this rapidly growing industry maintenance is needed often to make sure systems are always up-to-date with the newest security patches. For me to guarantee 99% up-time I propose a maintenance contract.

Project management

As a project manager, I managed a few teams and was able to deliver high-class products. Using modern project management tools (JIRA, ORK) and development methodologies (Agile, Scrum).

Software QA & Testing

As a best practice, I often use Test-driven development methodology across the whole process of product shipment. Most of the apps I do have around 70% automatic test coverage and are tested manually.

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Web development
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